1:1 Performance Coaching

“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” Eugene Ionesco Decouvertes, Playwright

Why get a coach?

“Coaching aims to enhance the performance and learning ability of others. It is based on helping the coachee to help her/himself through dynamic interaction – it does not rely on a one-way flow of telling and instructing” Max Landsberg, The Tao of Coaching

We work 1:1 across all levels of an organisation to define, refine and align personal, interpersonal and business goals with a focus on personal style and the business environment. Our coaching approach allows you to explore your thinking, communication, values, behaviour and personal impact through discussion, reflection and action, enhancing your unique capability and creating dynamic personal growth.

Coaching is based on the belief that 'the answer lies within' and it is the coach's role to build trust and, operating in a confidential and non-judgmental space, ask the right questions and allow the client time to reflect and find the answer.

Much of our coaching work takes place in the workplace however we also work 1:1 with individuals outside the workplace across any life context. Our belief is that work challenges impact personal life and personal challenges impact work life therefore rather than working on a work/life balance we encourage you as the coachee to work on one aspect of your life sphere. So whether it is work, family, career, finances, health (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual), relationships or something else we help you find where you need to focus your energy at any given time. Working through challenges in any one context will naturally have a flow on to other contexts and we work holistically with you, introducing a variety of tools and techniques that can be rapidly and easily applied, to support you through personal change.


Coaching up to 80 managers and leaders within a large resource operation to focus on transformational and constructive leadership behaviours and assisting them to align and influence cultural shift both individually and organisationally.

Coaching executives and business leaders 1:1 to assist them to explore their thinking, identify areas for performance improvement and take action.

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