'Attack On The Black Cat Track'

You may remember that, in September 2013, a group of 8 trekkers was walking the Black Cat Track in PNG expecting an interesting, adventurous and reflective journey.  What happened on their first day changed all of that.  This book, authored by Max Chamberlain on behalf of those trekkers, includes how events unfolded and each trekker's personal experience and perspective.  Nick Bennett, founder of Minds Aligned, was one of those trekkers along with his friend, also from Mackay, Steve Ward (Woodman's Axe Cafes).  

In Mackay, copies of the book are available at Woodman's Axe (City) or can be ordered from us at $25.00 per copy (RRP $29.95) and delivered to you if you are in the Mackay, Qld area or plus post and packaging elsewhere.  Please contact us via our web enquiry form for details or to order.

Otherwise, the book is available online as paperback or digital version via Booktopia or Angus and Roberson.