Leadership Development

“Leadership is about articulating visions, embodying values and creating the environment within which things can be accomplished” Richards & Engle, 1986

Why develop leaders?

Leadership development focuses on the development of the leader, including the personal attributes desired in a leader, desired ways of behaving, thinking or feeling and the impact of language. It can also include interpersonal relationships, social influence, process and dynamics between the leader and their team and the other parts of the organisation.

We work with you to understand the character of leadership, the power of shared vision, the role of influence, the impact of values on culture and the collaboration required to effectively develop success.


Involvement in a key client’s strategic organisational development plan intended to develop leadership skills and nationally recognised accreditation for their management team. This included the redesign, development and facilitation of various workshops involving over 500 people, linking to other key strategic objectives involved in the organisation’s culture change.

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