Websites We Like

We invite you visit the following websites that we have found useful and interesting:


Human Synergistics
- offer instruments to measure the relationship between human behaviours and performance that helps individuals, teams and organisations build self knowledge 
Mind Tools 
- Management, leadership and career training - lots of great free information and articles 
Business Balls
- free on-line learning for careers, work, management, business training and education 
Myers Briggs Type Indicator - The Myers & Briggs Foundation offers information about the MBTI and its many uses 
Dean Whitling Photography - portraits and commercial 
Huffington Post

Thought Leaders
 - interesting views and news 
 - inspire thinking and facilitate conversations that shift thinking on the planet 
Values Journey 
- innovative, unique, interactive and fun process with participants identifiying current and desired values and exploring how values influence their life

Bruce Lipton - American stem cell biologist and author
Dr Christiane Northrup - Health wisdom for women

Dr Joseph Mercola - Natural health information
Dr Josh Axe - Food is Medicine - Health, fitness, natural remedies, recipes and more

Mind Body Green - a wealth and variety of all things health with a focus on natural medicine and complementary therapies
Anthony Robbins - Entrepreneur, author and peak performance strategist, recognised as the world authority on leadership psychology
Deepak Chopra - Hindu Indian-American physician, holistic health and alternative medicine practitioner