Here are some of the interviews that we have done.  Click on the link to listen:

Courtesy of ABC Tropical North, interviews by Tegan Philpott (2016) - recordings run around 9-10 minutes

Various topics 

Stress - Rowena Hardy.  Different types of stress and it's impact and recognising what's causing it (10 mins)

Conflict - Rowena Hardy.  Understanding what it is, what's causing it and how we might resolve it (9 mins)

Positive and Negative Thinking - Rowena Hardy.  Paying attention to negative thinking and what to do about it (9 mins)

Depression - Rowena Hardy.  What might by triggering it?  Why we might consider it as 'suppression' instead (9 mins)

The Teen Brain - Rowena Hardy.  What's actually happening and what can you do about it? (11 mins)

Courtesy of ABC Tropical North, interviews by Kim Kleidon (2015) - recordings run around 7-8 minutes

Uncertainty - Rowena Hardy.  Uncertainty and fear, its impact and how to manage it

Understanding Who You Are - Rowena Hardy.   We are not always who and what we appear to be to others

How Beliefs Shape Us - Rowena Hardy.  Where beliefs come from and their impact

Perfectionism - Rowena Hardy.   Is being perfect or seeking perfectionism healthy for you and those around you?

Stress, Frustration and Anger, Part 1 - Rowena Hardy.  Anger as a response to stress and the fight/flight response.

Stress, Frustration and Anger, Part 2 - Rowena Hardy.  The health risks of carrying unresolved anger

Courtesy of ABC Local

An Adventurer's Life - Nick Bennett.  Interviewed by Richard Fidler on Conversations July 2014 (50 minutes)