Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

“I'm always having a conversation with myself; sometimes it includes other people.” Susan Scott, author of Fierce Conversations

Neuro - the way the brain takes on information through all five senses and makes sense of it through deleting, distorting, generalising and filtering before storing it in smaller 'chunks' in the conscious and unconscious mind for future reference

Linguistic - as a result of the processing, we create an internal representation including pictures, sounds, feelings, smells and taste and this representation is reflected in the language we use in our internal and external dialogue

Programming - the combination of our internal representation and our internal dialogue creates suggestions and messages that are sent directly to our unconscious mind which become the 'standard operating procedure' a set of unconscious progams that govern our day to day life

These unconscious programs create a set of beliefs which, when combined with our internal emotional state at any given time, drive our behaviour and actions. Our behaviour creates results that reinforce our beliefs and continue to drive our behaviour. If you are getting all of the results you want in your life then you are one of the few - congratulations! However many people find that they aren't achieving their goals and don't know why, not realising the underlying reasons - unresourceful behaviour, limiting beliefs and repressed emotions.

This combination of underlying reasons also has an effect on our physical body and nervous system. Can you think of a time when you had to do something you didn't want to do or didn't think you could and remember how you felt? Headache, tension, physically sick? The body's chemical messengers - neuro-transmitters - relay your thoughts and emotional state all around your body and nervous system and create the physical reaction.

So whether it's self doubt, lack of confidence or low self esteem; limiting beliefs (I can't .... I'll never .... It's too hard ....); phobias or repressed emotions that are holding you back and quite possibly having an impact on your health, relationships and overall performance, then it's time to make some changes.

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